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Jazz is a complex genre of music that requires a deep understanding of improvisation, rhythm, and historical context. Many young aspiring jazz musicians tend to struggle to find access to comprehensive education and guidance in mastering their skills. HALLINS addresses the need for specialized education and mentorship in jazz music, in a structured learning environment where jazz students can receive coaching from national recording musicians. The program is tailored for underserved children from North Omaha and Central High School jazz students to promote accessibility to music education, empower students creatively, and preserve jazz culture. The natural partner for HALLINS to execute this program is North Omaha Music and Art (NOMA). NOMA is an entertainment destination, which has an emphasis on providing guidance to the youth in Omaha.

Central High School Jazz Students

During a KIOS 91.5 FM interview to help promote the 2023 annual fundraiser in July, the interviewer asked HALLINS, “What is being done to preserve the culture of jazz music with the younger generation”.  The question triggered deeper discussions within HALLINS on how to bridge the gap with young aspiring musicians to preserve the culture of jazz. This question and discussion sparked the creation of a new partnership between HALLINS Corporation and the music department at Central High School.  The purpose of the partnership is to ensure instruments, playbooks, and software are accessible to everyone.  The intent is for students to see music as a tool for empowerment that provides avenues for creativity to cultivate their talent and skills. Additionally, HALLINS will give the Central High School jazz club students an opportunity to showcase their talents at the LOVAM Jazz Festival.  The jazz club will perform on the same main stage as the headliner of the festival, who will be a nationally known, Grammy award winner or nominated jazz musician. 


We are excited about the opportunity to provide a scholarship for qualified applicants each year.  The due date for the next round of applications is Friday, June 28, 2024. Please e-mail us at info@HALLINSCorp.com for additional information. The corporation strongly believes that education is extremely important and opens the door to a broad spectrum of opportunities for individuals. The main purpose of the scholarship is to make higher education more affordable to minority students who come from low-income families from underserved communities and to serve as a financial resource to students.


H.Art exploratory art program provides participants with direct hands-on arts experiences through personal interaction with artists, mentors and teachers. H.Art encourages each young artist to explore different art disciplines that may include workshops, discussions, rehearsals, performances, and community events.

Creating art is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun! —Angela Cook